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Travel Event Awareness

Travel Event Outreach

Let Cappex students know when you’ll be in town.

In addition to your Cappex student messaging, Travel Event Outreach is a great way to engage Cappex communities and reach students who live where you’re going to be visiting. No matter where you’re having your events, we can help drive students to them. Our students are located all across the country.

With a Cappex subscription, you can send event invitation messages to specific groups of Cappex students in advance of your key events. Our students are always looking for opportunities to engage with colleges, especially in their home towns, and we receive great responses to the Travel Event Outreach emails we send on behalf of colleges.

  • Target students who live where you’ll be visiting

  • Drive students toward in-person engagement and dialogue with your admissions team

  • Provide more frequent communications to keep your institution top of mind

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