The Secret Sauce

Students put their trust in Cappex to surface colleges that match their needs and that are interested in enrolling them. We have a variety of engagement methods that enable colleges to connect with students in the manner most effective for their needs.

New partners work closely with the Cappex team to employ the right tactical mix that will yield the results they are looking for – whether that’s mass enrollment or gaining interest from specific student segments.

student recruitment marketing

targeted engagement

Students trust Cappex to help them make their decision. Send custom, relevant messages to various student segments to maximize your marketing impact with a targeted approach.

competitor overlap targeting

Connect with students interested in your top competitors, expanding your share of relevant markets by influencing undecided students with a probability of interest in your institution.

transfer student outreach

Transfer students visit Cappex to plan their next steps. Engage with these students already further into their college education thus more likely to retain through graduation.

travel event awareness

In-person touch points can be a critical part of the college decision journey. Create awareness of your events around the country to qualified students in those areas.

diversity enrollment

College Greenlight is the nation’s leader in connecting top universities with underrepresented students through close relationships with over 1,300 Community Based Organizations.

boost student applications

The Cappex Application allows prospective students to apply to participating colleges directly from the Cappex platform. The college receives the complete student applications ready for an admissions decision.
Identify Your Audience
Robust data and insights help identify students with the highest probability of matriculation & success.
Customize Your Outreach
Control your communications to your various student segments during their active college search.
Integrate with Your System
Seamlessly import student leads into your CRM with a simple data mapping process.
Measure and Optimize
Access your dashboard for details, plus reporting and analysis to keep on top of results and steps forward.

Reach Your Enrollment Goals

Ready to see how we can help you grow or shape your enrollment? Contact us to get started.

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