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Admissions professionals are continually focusing efforts on not just enrolling students, but enrolling specific types of students – often to increase student retention, graduation rate, or diversity.

Cappex allows colleges to market directly to more of the students they want: those with stronger academic results, certain demographics, specific locations, and much more. Students fill out their Cappex profile with detailed information to find their college match and connect with admissions departments. Colleges can communicate specific messages to various segments while they are in critical stages of their decision process.

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Enrollment Quality

Cappex students are typically high-achievers with above average GPA and test scores. Regardless of targeting criteria, Cappex partners typically receive stronger academic students who are serious about their future and picking a college that fits their needs.

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Precision Targeting

Choose from many filters to communicate and engage with only the students you want, spending less time sifting through a large prospective student pool. We deliver students who have not only demonstrated interest in your institution, but also qualified as great candidates for enrollment based on your parameters.

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Overlap Targeting

Engage with and influence students who have shown interest in your competitors, by informing them of your similarity but with your own unique value.
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enroll more transfer students

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Transfer Students

Transfer students register for Cappex to plan their next steps. You can reach and influence them to be considered as the final destination on their college degree pursuit..
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1st Generation Students

College Greenlight is the #1 platform connecting college admissions departments with high-achieving, low-income, underrepresented students. Hundreds of colleges partner with us - including 70% of the top 100 in the nation - to help further diversify their campuses.
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Identify Your Audience
Robust data and insights help identify students with the highest probability of matriculation & success.
Customize Your Outreach
Control your communications to various student segments during their active college search.
Integrate with Your System
Seamlessly import student leads into your CRM with a simple data mapping process.
Measure and Optimize
Access your dashboard for details, plus reporting and analysis to keep on top of results and steps forward.
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