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Daily Student Connections
all US College Bound Students
All US College Bound Students
High School Counselors
all US College Bound Students
Daily Student-College Connections
High School Counselors


with American Students

Cappex partners with institutions from across the globe; helping them grow their international student re-enrollment by increasing their US recruitment efforts. We leverage the 12+ years of knowledge gained through working with institutions in the United States, Australia, Bulgaria, Canada, England, France, Italy, and New Zealand, among others, to help schools like yours, realize their enrollment goals.

increase college enrollment
Specifically Target

Interested & Curious Students

that meet your requirements and show particular interest in your institution.


student engagement
Reach out to specific American student segments with relevant and customized messages, and connect with students who’ve shown an interest in your school and similar others.


Your brand
Connect with our vast network of high school counselors to increase brand awareness in the US, and announce travel plans to students with our geo-targeted event notifications.


Your Audience
Increase applications from high-achieving, diverse American student populations while connecting with self-identified transfer students from relevant community colleges.
Identify Your Audience
Robust data and insights help identify students with the highest probability of matriculation & success.
Customize Your Outreach
Control your communications to various student segments during their active college search.
Integrate with Your System
Seamlessly import student leads into your CRM with a simple data mapping process.
Measure and Optimize
Access your dashboard for details, plus reporting and analysis to keep on top of results and steps forward.
Unique Solutions to

Meet Your Enrollment Goals



Carefully crafted messages about your school are sent directly from you to potential students; educating them on what your school has to offer while attracting best-fit students.



Customized newsletters sent to high school guidance counselors, mentors and other advisors create awareness about your school and its offerings.



Cross-market to students who might be considering other, similar institutions to build awareness during their decision-making process.

Travel Event


Promote travel events by notifying specific student populations within a pre-determined mile radius of your destination.

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Reach Your Enrollment Goals

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