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College Decision Funnel

The number of college-bound students has remained static while competition is fiercer than ever. Admissions departments are learning that it takes multiple touches at various critical stages of the college decision funnel to gain serious student interest and, ultimately, high-intent applicants.

Today’s teen is often referred to as a part of the ‘iGeneration’ for a reason. They turn to digital resources for their every need. For college information and decision making, they turn to Cappex. As a Cappex partner, you will have the ability to engage with pre-qualified, prospective students and influence college decisions from the platform they trust.

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Brand Awareness

Cappex clients take advantage of our robust college profiles. When students visit your profile every day, you can be sure that your institution is properly represented with the most accurate data and the most current information.

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Active Students

Students visit Cappex on their own accord to make strides in their college decision journey. Market your institution to students who exactly match your enrollment criteria with customized messaging while they are discovering, researching or short-listing colleges.

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Core Markets

Your typical bread-and-butter students are likely considering other colleges as well. Impactful touch-points at multiple stages of the admissions funnel can be the difference in influencing undecided students.

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New Markets

Cappex students are high-achievers from across the country. Target already discovered secondary markets or test new ones to uncover potential enrollment opportunities.

Identify Your Audience
Robust data and insights help identify students with the highest probability of matriculation & success.
Customize Your Outreach
Control your communications to various student segments during their active college search.
Integrate with Your System
Seamlessly import student leads into your CRM with a simple data mapping process.
Measure and Optimize
Access your dashboard for details, plus reporting and analysis to keep on top of results and steps forward.
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