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We connect students to colleges where they can succeed, scholarship opportunities to fund their education, and resources to close the information gap.

At Cappex, our mission is to help every single student get closer to day one at the college that’s right for them. That’s why we started College Greenlight, a dedicated experience supporting the college aspirations of first generation and low-income students, including many from populations underrepresented on the nation’s college campuses. College Greenlight works to address important barriers to college access, leading to more students obtaining a degree, the single most reliable path to economic mobility.

College Greenlight connects students to colleges, advisers, scholarships, and guidance that form a network of support in each individual’s journey to and through college. We also dedicate resources to supporting the advocates who work tirelessly to help students during each stage of the process.  College Greenlight is a completely free resource committed to accelerating the success of millions of students by helping them reach day one and, ultimately, Graduation Day, at the institution that’s right for them.

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What College Greenlight

can do for you


Connect with the largest network of high achieving, underrepresented, and first-generation students.


Reach your diversity enrollment goals and become a recognized leader in college access.


Identify and build strategic relationships with Community-Based Organizations to maximize impact

CBO Network

The Lifeblood of College Greenlight

1,400 (and counting) dedicated community-based organizations (CBOs) offering hands-on support for students to and through college.

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We Help You

drive increased applications and enrollments from high-achieving, first-generation students
  • Connect directly with high-achieving, underrepresented students who meet your recruitment objectives. The Greenlight messaging system matches customized outreach to students who meet your requirements and will be successful through your admissions process.
  • Identify and build relationships with CBOs to develop pipelines of diverse talent. There are thousands of CBOs across the country.  Our CBO Connector tool and Greenlight team provide a robust and easy way for your team to connect with organizations that would be a good fit.
  • Promote your institution and your diversity initiatives to the nation’s largest community of college access professionals. Increase awareness of your institution with CBO advisers, widely promote your key diversity programming, and showcase your school as a leader in college access.

Reach Your Goals

Let’s discuss how College Greenlight can support and enhance your diversity recruitment efforts.

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