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Competitor Overlap Targeting


Connect and engage with students who have demonstrated interest in institutions like yours.

When students indicate an interest in one of your specified overlap schools, Cappex will recommend your institution as another college the student may wish to consider. Your school will be highlighted, capturing the interest of qualified students while they are in college search mode and increasing the likelihood that students “click” to become connected.

OverlapOutreach will increase your presence and put your school in front of significantly more qualified students.

Stand Out
and increase your exposure to our student communities

OverlapOutreach placement appears in two highly visited locations:

  • In the College Center of Cappex websites whenever your specified overlap schools are present in a student’s College List

  • In the registration process of Cappex websites whenever a student indicates interest in applying to your selected overlap schools

OverlapOutreach Benefits:

  • Base your targeting on student behavior in addition to demographics

  • Make students aware of your campus when they are looking at similar colleges

  • Provide an additional opportunity for students to consider your institution

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